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In order to better serve you, I have compiled a list of suggested action items below for you to follow for the home buying process. From getting pre-approved to selecting the best neighborhood, allow my expertise to work for you.

Preparing Financially: One of the first things to do is connect with a mortgage agent to get the loan process started and find out what you can afford. Things like credit score, revolving balances and income all play factors in the amount you will qualify for. Your mortgage agent can review your options with products that vary in the amount you have to put down as well as options for you for down payment sources. They should also give you an idea of what you will have to set aside for closing costs.

In addition, you will be issued a pre-approval letter. This letter is important to have as it will accompany your offer and prove your level of dedication to the seller. Once you have been pre-approved for a home loan by a reputable mortgage agent, then we can begin our search for homes within your price range.

Touring Properties: Once you determine your price range, you will then need to identify what location is best to consider. Each neighborhood has different offerings including varying tax rates, services, school systems and accessibility. Only you will know your needs best, but feel free to use me as a resource as I am very familiar with most towns in the area.

Making An Offer: Upon finding that perfect property you will want to make an offer. It is important to have all of your necessary information together and ready to go so we can create a complete package when we submit your offer. Being familiar with the current market prices, financially ready and pre-approval letter in hand are all essential.

Inspection: Once the seller has accepted your offer, it is a good idea to have the home inspected. Hiring a professional home inspector to review the home for an in-depth report on condition, construction and necessary repairs will help you budget for any potential repairs.

Purchase and Sale Contract: The signing of the Purchase and Sale contract solidifies all terms and conditions of the deal. This legal contract specifies all aspects of the transaction including important dates and financials that pertain to the deal up to the closing.

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